Red, White and Blue for FFL

Pawn Shop

Outfits that inspire, one of the things I love. I had the pleasure of wearing the exclusives from ODDITY created for FFL 2016 today in the first runway show for the event. They inspired me to create a Red, White and Blue Biker style ensemble that I am sharing with you today. Then I found a fantastic grunge sim to shoot photos on, so the artist in me was inspired even more. ODDITY has created the “USA Denim Grunge” pants and “TopGun Retro” glasses for Fashion for Life 2016. The pants feature wonderful fit including for mesh bodies, and beautiful details one expects from a top quality designer. The included HUD allows you to turn on and off bright and materials, as well as choose metal texture, belt texture, and 37 different pant colors. Versions included are long as I am wearing and three shorter options making this perfect for any look you wish.

The Pickup 2

The TopGun Retro glasses are true aviator style right out of TopGun. The included HUD allows you to change frame and lens color, choose one of 8 different reflections as well as transparency level and shininess. They are also resize using the hud for a perfect fit. Mens and ladies versions are included in the fatpack. Only at Relay for Life and a 100% donation item as well. I love these glasses and know you will too.

Biker girl

Styling Notes:
Jeans | ODDITY – USA Denim Grunge Pants for FFL 2016
Glasses | ODDITY – Topgun Retro Fatpack for FFL 2016
Top | N1CO – Emi Corset and Spiked Bra
Boots | N1CO – Studded Boots
Gloves | RealEvil Industries – Raven Leather Gloves & Rings for Maitreya
Tattoos | Identity body Shop – Guenkyo arms and neck tattoos
Hair | Runaway Hair – Yarr Harr in Greyscale
Earrings | Maxi Gossamer – Shadow Cross Earrings
Collar | Pomposity – Studded Velvet Choker
Nails | ZOZ – Spring Gold Unique for Maitreya
Poses | Agapee – Gown F08 Back and PosESioN
Shot on Location at: Snake Eyez Motorcycles


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