Models Giving Back Hold RARE Public Casting!

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Models Giving Back (MGB), established in 2012, is the Premier Charity serving modeling agency here in SecondLife.

MGB is a team of Professional SL Models that feel it is important to give back to their SL and RL community by using their talents to raise funds for reputable and verified charitable causes. We partner with designers and other fundraising events around the grid to provide modeling services and donate our fees to the cause.

Our CEO and founder, Jamee Sandalwood, is committed to raising funds and awareness for charities in RL and last year we as a team raised and donated over $2300 USD to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Toys for Tots, and the International Red Cross. Along with that we helped other causes here in SL accomplish their fundraising goals such as the Tiny Footprints Campaign.

We are responsible for the annual Rock Your Rack charity event bringing together fashion and music in SL for one purpose – to raise funds and awareness for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in a two week event each fall.

Sound Like something you want to be a part of?

We add models to the MGB team twice a year via Casting that is announced in groups such at 1. The Best of Second Life Magazine Readers and 2. Starwalkers 2010, along with announcements on our Facebook Page.

MGB Facebook page: (Like us to keep up on all of our events)

Only the top models will be selected to be a part of this small, elite team. Many choose to cast, and only a few are selected at each casting based on styling quality, prim placement, pose choice and ability to write descriptions. Casting will involve two separate stylings, and a runway walk for each that is a little challenging. We are looking for the best at each casting.

Minimum Requirements to apply to cast for Models Giving Back:
1. Minimum 1 year in the SL Modeling Community as a model – runway, print or store
2. Graduation from an SL Modeling School/Academy that offers comprehensive training
3. Ability to write clear descriptions of outfits worn (our models write their own backstories for walks)
4. Proven Blog or other means to advertise shows/events
5. Top Notch Styling Ability
6. Excellent Prim Placement Ability
7. Professional attitude & Team-work mentality, reputation matters.
8. Modern/Up-to-date look, skin, poses, hair etc. & ability to stay current with SL Modeling Trends
9. Must participate in a minimum of 1 show every quarter and in the annual Rock Your Rack Fundraising event to remain in
MGB, group clean out occurs in October each year.
10. Willingness to help in other areas such as photography, DJ, hostess, Show coordinator or other needs as they arise. We
are a true team that works together to accomplish great things – no one is just a model with our team.

So if you are still interested – here are the details for our January 2015 Casting. We will not cast again until summer just before Rock Your Rack, and then only if we need to fill positions for Rock your Rack 2015.


Casting Date: Saturday, January 10, 2015

Time: 2pm SLT (no other times will be given, please do not ask)

Deadline to send in application to walk in the casting (firm!) – Thursday, January 8, 2015 – 9pm SLT
If you do not receive a confirmation of receipt, please send it again. No exceptions for missed deadlines – meeting deadlines is part of your evaluation.

Casting NC: available in The Best of Second Life Magazine Readers Group, and Starwalkers 2010 inworld groups, or from any Models Giving Back Team member.

Once your NC is received, you will be confirmed to walk in the casting and given the LM to the casting Location, and walk routine for pose selection.
This will be closed to the public.

Themes –
Ladies – First Walk: Chanel Spring/Summer 2015 Second Walk: Formal – Mix and Match (no out of the box outfits)

Men – First Walk: Dolce&Gabbana Spring Summer 2015 Second Walk: Formal Mix and Match (no out of the box)

As part of the casting, you will be requested to write the backstory.

Good Luck! We will choose only those that we feel meet the standards of the agency – so be sure to show us your very very best!

Forward any inquiries via NC to Jamee Sandalwood, CEO.


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