True Star Wars Fan I am!

Being a child of the 80’s, I grew up with the Star Wars Saga and still can tell you the plot and intricate themes woven throughout the 6 movie series. Since this Saga is to this day My favorite movie, it is fitting that she joins us today as Queen Amidala on her coronation day. Padme Amidala was the amazing woman that set the entire Saga into motion through her actions as princess, queen, senator, wife of Anakin, and mother to Luke and Leia. Padme was the true vision of a strong female leader, who did what was necessary to protect her people. She earned their respect as she fought alongside them in the Clone Wars to liberate them, and later started the alliance which would become the rebellion against the Empire. She was resourceful, creative, forged her own path, was strong in the face of adversity, admired by the people she served, wise, and always had the best fashion sense. Costumes for this character were inspired by “historical royal fashions from different cultures”, according to George Lucas. He said Padme needed to be dressed fitting of a sophisticated galactic society. It’s too bad it was the tragic love of a man who turned to the dark side that ultimately ended in her death, though she lived on in her daughter Leia who followed a very similar path. I sees a lot of these traits in herself, so choosing Queen Amidala was the logical choice for this movie challenge.

jameee orange_002

jameee orange_006

Styling Notes:

Corset: My Precious – Precious Empress Floral Top (no longer available)

Skirt: My Precious – Precious Empress (Chinese) Gown (no longer available)

Sleeves: Lybra – Dark Matriarch Sleeve Recolored

Sleeve Part 2: My Precious – Queen Glory Sleeve Recolored (no longer available)

Collar: Rosal – UNMEI Neck Corset recolored (on the marketplace)

Hair: Emo-Tions – Envy Hair in Swedishblonde w/hairbase

Broach: Lazuri – Eva Luxury Earring

Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry – Gold Leaf Earrings

Ring #1: Lazuri – Lasya Ring

Ring #2: Lazuri – Esme Ring

Makeup: Beautifully Grotesque – Queen Amidala makeup (on the marketplace)

Makeup: Kyoot – Catseye Eyeshadow – fever 1 (no longer available)

Nails: {MUA} – Xmas 1 for SLINK Hands

Shoes: LivGlam – Abel Ultra High Heels for Slink High Feet


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