RARE! Models Giving Back is Casting!

ModelsGivingBack2 copy

Models Giving Back is a group of professional, certified models that raise funds and awareness for reputable charities in SL and RL through shows, and events in SecondLife. We have been on the grid since fall of 2012 and have donated over 1000 USD to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, our main charity.

Jamee Sandalwood is CEO of this organization is a RL survivor of 6 years + of breast cancer, so this is near and dear to her heart.

We keep our agency small, and do monthly fashion shows as well at the annual “Rock Your Rack” fundraiser held in September each year. We have MALE and FEMALE models in our team.

Our shows are normally held between 11am and 2pm SLT with a few other rare exceptions. So if you are not online during those times, please do NOT cast for our agency.

We require of our models:
1. Models write their own script for their outfits for our shows.
2. Participation in a MINIMUM of 1 show per quarter (3 months)
3. Participation in the annual Rock Your Rack Fundraiser
4. Help advertising as many shows as possible through blogging, group posting
5. Listing Models Giving Back (charity) in your resume with agencies you belong to.
6. MUST be certified by a reputable SL modeling academy
7. Must be a team player and willing to help and support the other models of the agency as needed. We are a true team.
8. MUST be able to join our MGB inworld group.

Having said all of that – we have not casted for our agency in over 18 months! So this is a very rare opportunity to join our agency and be a part of the work we do.

We are VERY picky. Even the best if they are not perfect when they cast will not make it into our agency. I keep the numbers very small on purpose so that everyone has a chance to participate on a regular basis.

Our models are NEVER paid for a show they do – their time is donated to support the charity. You do get to keep the outfits provided to wear in the shows, however.

If you are agreeable to everything you have read so far, then keep reading for the casting information – if not, thank you for your time to this point.

*********** Casting Information ********************

Date: Sunday, May 4th – 1pm SLT (this is the only time, please do not ask for alternatives)

To cast:
1. Fill out the casting NC (available inworld) and return it to Jamee Sandalwood no later than – Friday, May 2 at 6pm SLT (late NC’s will not be accepted – deadlines matter to me)
2. LM will be provided to the casting runway when your application is accepted.
3. Styling for the casting will be as follows:
“The Slogan” Spring/Summer 2014 – show your passion for a cause through your outfit/styling using trends from 2014 spring/summer fashion.
It will be a runway casting with each candidate given 30 sec. to pose at one stop and present your outfit.
4. If your application is accepted, more details on what you have to provide for the casting will be passed, but know that you will have to write a script style description for your outfit as part of the requirements.

Casting Application: contact Jamee Sandalwood in-world to get a copy of the casting application NC, or check Starwalkers 2010 group for the posting


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