Butterflies, Butterflies and More Butterflies at SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair with Desir

Spring is a time of beautiful colors and light fashions. Desir has an amazingly beautiful gown at the SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair called Liana. This beautiful gown is in a bright, spring blue colored gown that is sure to capture attention. The main portion of the gown is a mini skirt with a deep-draped bodice held up by spaghetti straps. The full, flowing skirt is from a semi-sheer taffeta that is sheer enough to give a hint of the beautiful legs underneath yet is modest enough to wear at any formal ballroom. The gown has a shoulder ruffle on the right shoulder adorned with butterflies. The hair butterflies are included and work great with updos. The extra bonus is the butterfly poofer that attaches to your hand and rezzes butterflies as you walk which will guarantee you will be noticed wherever you go. Find this through March 31st at the SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair.

Desir1_008 copy
Styling Notes:

Gown: Desir – Liana Gown for the SAVIAD Spring Fashion Fair

Hair: Truth – Snow in Blondes

Jewelry: Virtual Impressions – Titania Texture Change Jewelry Set

Lipstick: {MUA} – Winter 2 Lipstick

Eyeshadow: MOCK Cosmetics – Nautical Nonsense Eyeshadow


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