More to RAWR about from SAVIAD Tiger Alley

Talk About FUN to work with and style, nothing beats tiger stripe especially when designers put it on some really fantastic items! I’m so pleased to show you two more items from the SAVIAD Spring Fair’s Tiger Alley exclusives area! Have you been there yet? NO???? Well, check these two out and head on over right away – here is the link: SAVIAD Tiger Alley. In this photo I’m wearing the Eye of the Tiger Mini from Loovus Dzevavor and the Mathayus Heels in White Tiger from Wicca’s Wardrobe. Talk about an eye-catching look! You certainly will have all eyes on you as people think – now that is a woman with style. The Eye of the Tiger Mini features a halter-style mini with a white, ring around the neck, a black strip of fabric down the front that is caught at the waist by a belt and of course the gorgeous white tiger stripe pattern. The Mathayus Heels feature a boot that has a curved horn as a heel and spiked accents along the back of the leg. Find them both for a VERY limited time at the Tiger Alley shopping area.

**Poseway** Poses is participating in the SAVIAD Spring Fair as well, and has three poses sets created for the event. This poses is from the Liquidation set available in their booth at the event.

WiccaBoots_004 copy

WiccaBoots_005 copy

Styling Notes:

Dress: Loovus Dzevavor – Eye of the Tiger for SAVIAD Tiger Alley

Shoes: Wicca’s Wardrobe – Mathayus Heels for SAVIAD Tiger Alley

Bracelet: Moondance Jewels – Stalking Tiger Bracelet for SAVIAD Tiger Alley

Hair: Analog Dog – Sundae in Light Blondes Ombre Blonde/Black

Makeup: Natzuka – Shine Black available at the SAVIAD Fashion Fair


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