COC – Cinematic Fantasy Challenge

I still fondly remember my mom calling me out of the pool over and over again, day after day growing up.  “Awe Mom, just five more minutes…..I haven’t found the treasure yet!”  So being a Mer has always been in my blood, or as mom said I swam like a fish.   I guess that is why I always identified with undersea movies whether it was animated or not. It’s probably why I find myself out in the bay as often as I can, exploring with my students on a regular basis.

So for my cinematic fantasy I give honor to Ariel from the Little Mermaid because she was the first Disney female character to make her own decisions and take charge of her destiny unlike any other female Disney Character before her.  She was a determined woman and I am as well!  She also is inquisitive and explores as do I.  So it was a perfect fit for me to give honor to this fantastic character.

Jamee the mermaid queen of the mer fold of Keisopia explores ancient shipwrecks to find out their hidden stories through the treasures and unknown dangers they have inside……..

CoC 5th Challenge - Jamee Sandalwood V2



Style Card:

Mermaid Outfit: Boudoir – Water Nymph Costume

Skin: Glam Affair – Jadis Snow Queen V2

Hair:  Emotions – Sunburst in dark brown

Jewelry:  Alienbear – Gold Mimi in White :  necklace, earrings, bracelets, armbands, belly ring

Nails:  Izzy’s – Long Metallic Nails in Purple

Eyeshadow:  The Makeup Artist – overseas eyes only

Lipstick:  TZAL – Dee Lips 7 light

Hand fan:  Finesmith – Hermosa Espina hand fan in red

Photo by:  Jamee Sandalwood Pose by:  Kami-Hitoe Mermaid Pose 11


Second Photo by:  J4ck Nichols



Spanish Mermaid


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