Mixed Heritage – Showing My True Colors

Heritage; such an important word, yet sometimes is so easily overlooked and forgotten in today’s world.  Put simply, it is those things passed down in a family that are unseen – traditions, cultures, practices and values that become a part of who you are, and are bestowed when you are born simply because of your ancestral history.  Heritage was always strong in my family.  Growing up in a mixed heritage family has molded me into the person I am today, and is part of my decision making process in everything I do.  I am so proud of the four that I identify with – Spanish Gypsy, Italian, Scottish and Swedish.   In the outfit I have created to demonstrate my ties to my mixed heritage, I chose to focus on the Spanish Gypsy and the Scottish; one from my Mom’s side and one from my Dad’s side of the family.

I love how easily all of this fits together into a cohesive outfit, just as all of it melds together to create cohesion in my life.  The Scottish side is shown in this outfit with the Tartan Plaid characteristic of the Scottish heritage.   I chose the Zara Skirt in Plum from Artilleri not only for the gorgeous plaid, but also because the style of the skirt was longer as is typical of a Scottish dancer doing a traditional folkdance.  The tartan shawl is created from the Mesh, Laced Shawl Template from Sheva and I added the same tartan texture of the skirt.   The Spanish Gypsy heritage is shown in the sheer, laced flounces on the blouse along with the choices in jewelry.  To create the blouse I’ve combined the White Laced Blouse with Peasant Sleeves from TorMe and the Purple Modest Tank Top from Gawk! to give the layered look I was going for.  My necklace features round, gypsy style coins in four combined chains and is from Maxi Gossamer as are the Valencia Earrings I am wearing.

The Susan Stilettos from Stiletto Moody in Aubergine reminded me of the traditional Scottish Dance shoes, yet in a more modern, contemporary style.  My hair, Anise in Mocha from Truth, features a bold, purple headband and long wavy tresses that are very much Gypsy in style.  The Shantal Pose #1 from Morgane Batista captures the essence of my heritage perfectly.   Metallic Violet Nails from PurpleMoon coordinate beautifully with the Mock Cosmetics Pantone Spring Collection Eyeshadow in African Violet and put the finishing touches on this contemporary update of my heritage I’m so proud to be representing!



Complete Style Card:

Pose:  Morgane Batista –  Punk Pose 6 annie 2 Euridice

Skirt:  Artilleri – Zara Skirt in Plum

Shawl:  Sheva – Mesh Laced Shawl Template

Blouse: TorMe – White Laced Blouse with Peasant Sleeves

Undershirt: Gawk! – Purple Modest Tank Top

Shoes:  Stiletto Moody – Susan in Aubergine

Necklace:  Maxi Gossamer – Alchemy Charms Coins Necklace – all 4 worn

Earrings:  Maxi Gossamer – Valencia Earrings set to Pink/Purple

Nails:  PurpleMoon – Metallic Violet Nails

Eyeshadow:  Mock Cosmetics – Pantone Spring Collection Eyeshadow in African Violet

Tamborine: Puarangi Designs – Gypsy Purples Tamborine

Photo by:  Jamee Sandalwood


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