On Cloud 9 at Jewelry Fair Air!


I am really enjoying Jewelry Fair and just when I think I can’t find anything better – I visit another sim and find even more things I simply must have.  Such is the case with the Air sim.   http://slurl.com/secondlife/Jewelry%20Fair%20Air/126/160/572   This one has some amazing booths and I found soooo many wonderful things I can’t possibly fit them all here – only simply to say GO SEE THIS SIM!  The charity auctions are there in the middle of the Gotcha vendors -which by the way are fantastic – and the entire sim is set literally in the air with a very roman/celestian theme.  Beautiful Indeed!  Some of the amazing booths on this sim include ones from:  J & W Jewelry (their Gotchas are amazing!), Zuri’s, Exquisite, Gems & Kisses, Je Suis, Joy & Co (where I found my new must have wedding set when the time comes), Designs by Sebastian, *WTG*, and poses from HelaMiyo.  So, let me show you some of the treasures I found there I had to have and you will see why You need to go visit – while you are there be sure to bid on the Charity Auctions that close on Sunday.


J & W Jewelry - Gotcha Set - Windsong - Blue


Zuri's Charity Vendor Set - French Kiss and Pose from HelaMiyo - Wrist Action #1


Joy & Co - Cinque Brilliant Wedding Set in Gold


Exquisite Princess Royal Ring


*WTG* Sakura Necklace and Earrings


*WTG* Sakura Bracelet and Pink Nails/Rings


Sebastian Commemoriative Jewelry Fair Ring Gift - includes M and F versions



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