My Visit to Water at Jewelry Fair!

Jewelry fair has opened!  That’s right!  4 Sims of shopping for some of the best jewelry in SL – over 100 different booths in all.  The theme is the four elements:  air, fire, earth and water.  Each sim is decorated around this theme.  There are classes as well on the Water sim for those that want to learn more about the techniques used in jewelry design including the new mesh feature recently introduced in SL.  Find the Schedule here:       There are also charity auctions taking place, and many of the booths have charity vendors or charity gotchas.   Here is a link to the photos for the charity auction:

The Water Sim at Jewelry Fair 2011


Now for the good stuff – here are some of the amazing finds on the Water Sim –   some of my favorite booths on this sim were:  Belle Amie – check out the Seashine Set!,  Pannie’s – check out the Chairty Gotcha and the Not So Nice devil horns with halo,  Face Paint! – has some beautiful rings & nails along with a Gold & Red Bangles Set,  Eden Jewelry has a fantastic selection overall and is one I will be doing a lot of shopping in I’m sure, Crystal Line has a great line of Prim Nails.   But here are the photos of some of the ones I had to have :

U&R Dogs - Invention Bracelet Set & Ottava Gold Nails


U & R Dogs – wow, what an amazing set of bracelets and the matching rings on the nails.  Fantastic!  I LOVE this!  All pieces are individually modifyable by clicking on them – you get a menu.  Once you get the hang of the moving for the nails they are eazy to adjust.  I Love the details on this set with the musical notes.  You can wear the rings without the nails as well.  Since I go to live music all the time in SL – this was a MUST HAVE set for me!  Wow!

U&R dogs - Ottava Nails - Left Hand Closeup


The Next Purchase I had to make was from Axiom – I love the Into The Void series they have out there – it was hard to choose from the 6 different colors of stones – but I Finally chose one –  The antithetical concept set is the one I chose – dark silver metal with a beautiful multi-colored red/blue stone.  Gorgeous!  This set comes with necklace, earrings and bracelet – I think I have to go back and get another color as well.  Love this!

Axiom - Antitheticial Concept Set


My Favorite Charity Vendor on The Water Sim was from Zibska – The Zoie set is amazing – you can change the colors as well on this one to several including pink, green, blue, black and white along with others.  Beautiful!

Zibska - Zoie - Charity Vendor Set


So don’t miss this amazing Fair – it runs through September 25th – so plenty of time.  I’m off to check out the next sim so I can report on that one for you as well!  Happy shopping everyone!


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