Berry Berry Awesome!

Finesmith Designs is about to release an amazing new set to their collection.  Yula Finesmith has produced a great set that will go with so many different outfits from casual to formal.  The set is called Berry Blossom.  I’m wearing it here in black/white but it will come in a wide variety of colors – all of which I can tell I simply am going to have to have.  I love this set!   The pieces include a necklace, earrings, Tiara (all shown) and a set of face jewels as well that I am not wearing in this photo.  All the pieces feature round berries and long strands coming out from them just like they would be on the vine wrapped in a non-linear fashion.  The necklace is open on one side of the neck and drapes down beautifully in front accenting that beautiful cleavage at the end of the tendrils that extend downward.  The earrings are clusters of berries the perfect size to not be overpowering.  The Tiara matches the necklace and compliments it perfectly.   Beautifully done!  Head over to Finesmith Designs and check it and the other amazing designs from Yula out




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