Tigers can be Wild Things Too!

A few days ago I posted about a new outfit from N1CO [YAFL] called Wild Thing – the Zebra edition.  Well that amazing outfit is going to be released in a variety of different wild styles – and over the weekend the second one was released!   Woo Hoo! This one is Tiger….. beautiful pinks/purple and an amazing tiger on the back. Wild yet oh so feminine.  Same great jacket with pink/purple tiger fur trim, and a tiger on the back with jewels/studs.  Same great mini dress underneath – only this one is trimmed in pink.  Same great boots with horns for heels – but the tiger fabric matches the jacket.  It comes with a matching purse as well that is so detailed and the movement on it is perfect.  Fantastic outfit overall.  So two great choices now – Zebra and Tiger – roar!  Check them out at :  http://slurl.com/secondlife/Naenia/46/212/34


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