Lady Gaga has nothing on this Outfit!

N1CO [YAFL] is definately setting a trend when it comes to Avant Garde!  This outfit was inspired by Lady Gaga and is the first of a few to come from N1CO [YAFL].  This is Dance Queen.  It features a black body suit with  open stomach bodice and fishnet up to the neckline.  Then around the chest is a black leather strap.  This is paired with white high cut shorts that have a black belt around the waist.  The strap and belt are resize scriped and were very easy to size to my avi.  You also get black leather mini gloves and fishnet stockings that have a seam up the back.  Sexy.  But the most amazing things about this outfit, that make it a bargain are the amazing hat, glasses and boots – all included!  The only thing not included in this outfit is the hair.   This hat – wow, musical notes, strips of fabric, white discs… all together simply amazing.  Well worth the price of the outfit alone.  I can’t believe all the details in this hat.  You have to see it!   The glasses – same thing!  Wow, very detailed, and resize scripted as well.   The boots – look at the photo – see the details on these boots – musicla notes in the fabric, a face in the toe of each boot, and again, resize scripted.  The scripts are deleteable as well when you are finished.    If you haven’t checked out this store – go explore it – there are some amazing outfits on the second floor of the store as well.


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