Sexy & Gothic – YES! they go together!

This outfit is simply amazing.  The detail, the creativity, the colors – I had so much fun wearing this one and putting a look together for it.  Where should I  start? There is so much about this outfit that I want you to notice.  One photo sure didn’t do it any justice at all ,  I needed four!  So here we go –

This is the Snake Doll outfit from N1CO [LIF]   – another amazing outfit from the collaboration between Noreia Owen and Sue Stine.  It features a sexy see through lace topped corset that covers all the necessary parts, but lets just enough skin show through the opaque top trimmed with red.  The black satin corset has very detailed laces up the back and a picture of a snake doll on the front trimmed with red lace and a red bow.  This top is finished with sheer cap sleeves tied with red satin bows.  The skirt is made of  form hugging black satin trimmed in red lace, and is ultra short in the back giving just a peek at what is hidden underneath it.   The black sheer stockings are held up with black snake garters, and have a snake slithering down the back of each leg down to the amazingly detailed boots included with this outfit.  These boots are highly detailed and are a must have for sure!  They are available for purchase separately as well at the mainstore.  This black ankle boots features silver snakes for the heels that are extremely detailed, have red diamond eyes, and a tongue extending up the back of the boot from the snake’s mouth.  Exquisite!   As if all of that wasn’t enough – this outfit comes with fantastic accessories as well – lace gloves, a collar, and snake earrings – all very, very detailed and featuring the snake motif with red diamond eyes.  The collar is black leather with a skull, studs, and  snake showing an extended tongue with those gorgeous red diamond eyes.  One earring goes through the ear lobe, the other coils around the entire ear, but both feature the detail seen throughout this outfit and the red diamond eyes. 

These are all made of highly detailed textures, some of the best in SL.  The pieces are copy and have re-sizer scripts that can be deleted once adjusted via a menu. 

My hair is from 3636 and was special for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser – Elena.   Makeup Tattoo is from  Gothica  and was the Set1 BLush 3 Lash. 


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