MIzuki limited edition at the Couturier Docks Event!

Another round of the Couturier Docks Event is open, and Lybra’s offering this round is amazing, especially un Ultra graphics with materials enabled. WOW. This is Mizuki. This black latex pantsuit has an Asian flair with the fan style bodice, shoulder piece, belt and long front ribbon. Beautiful hand-drawn textures as always and just a hint of skin showing on the midriff give this the Lybra style you expect. This outfit is available at a limited edition price for just 50 pieces, of which over half have already been sold – so don’t miss it! Here is the Limo to the Couture Docks: Click Here.

To this I’ve added the Geishan Sunrise Headpiece in Silver/Black from the new Gothic Geisha line at the Lybra Mainstore. There are several pieces and colors to complement this headpiece and complete that perfect look. Makeup is also from the Lybra store: the My Gloss Lipstick in Cherry Bomb with the Sephora Black eyeshadow. Here is your ride to the Lybra Mainstore: Click Here.



Other Styling Notes:

Pose: Posesion – Karu 9

Myths & Legends Challenge for MVW 2015

Now it’s time to return to the north of Sweden with Jamee Sandalwood and enter the beautiful, lush forests. It is here that we find one of the most beautiful yet dangerous of all Urban Legends, the forest spirits called Skogsra. These beautiful female spirits, each with her own locale, are best known for leading men astray. All who have seen one report that she has the appearance of a beautiful woman when seen from in front; from behind she looks like a hollow tree trunk. As long as in her good graces by bringing her gifts, she bestows luck on the hunter by blowing down the barrel of his rifle. However, should she become disenchanted, she turns and disappears by showing her hollow backside. Some lucky men have even married a Skogsra allowing her to become fully human. But whatever you do, don’t upset a Skogsra, you may not live to tell the tale.


Styling Notes:

Gown: Rebel Hope – Blythe Mesh Gown Green
Armbands: Angelwing - Forest Silks Armband with falling petals
Bracelets: Angelwing - Forest Silks Bracelets
Face tattoo: White Widow – Maple Green Face Tattoo
Headwreath: Hatpins – Erin Wreath Snow Lillies
Dress Vines: Boudoir – Forest Faun attachments w/ leaves particles
Hair: Truth – Hope in Blondes
Makeup: {MUA} – Elf full set
Nails: {ZOZ} – Tiffany Polish HUD – Comfrey – for SLINK hands
Ring: Finesmith – Noga Peridot Ring
Right Hand Butterfly: Epic – Butterfly Buddy Green/Orange – animated

Hollow Back Piece created by Natzuka for this outfit – not available to purchase

Photo credit: Natzuka Miliandrovic

Photo challenge #2 – Inspired by Qi Gang

For our second photo challenge we were asked to create a styling inspired by Qi Gang. After studying the various attributes of this designer, I came up with the following styling. I hope you like it! Styling Notes are below the photos



Styling Notes:

Armbands: Lybra – Helena Arm Accents & Armwraps

Dress: Vogue – Evana Cocktail Dress in Blue

Earrings: Finesmith – Bar Earrings in Diamond & Onyx

Shoulders: Lybra – Isamu Shoulder Piece

Purse: Pure Poison – Petra Studded Purse in Black

Hair: Vanity Hair – Shizuka Essence

Makeup: {MUA} – Overseas full set

Shoes: {tutu} – Ultra Platforms for Slink Medium Feet

Photos by: Natzuka Miliandrovic

True Star Wars Fan I am!

Being a child of the 80’s, I grew up with the Star Wars Saga and still can tell you the plot and intricate themes woven throughout the 6 movie series. Since this Saga is to this day My favorite movie, it is fitting that she joins us today as Queen Amidala on her coronation day. Padme Amidala was the amazing woman that set the entire Saga into motion through her actions as princess, queen, senator, wife of Anakin, and mother to Luke and Leia. Padme was the true vision of a strong female leader, who did what was necessary to protect her people. She earned their respect as she fought alongside them in the Clone Wars to liberate them, and later started the alliance which would become the rebellion against the Empire. She was resourceful, creative, forged her own path, was strong in the face of adversity, admired by the people she served, wise, and always had the best fashion sense. Costumes for this character were inspired by “historical royal fashions from different cultures”, according to George Lucas. He said Padme needed to be dressed fitting of a sophisticated galactic society. It’s too bad it was the tragic love of a man who turned to the dark side that ultimately ended in her death, though she lived on in her daughter Leia who followed a very similar path. I sees a lot of these traits in herself, so choosing Queen Amidala was the logical choice for this movie challenge.

jameee orange_002

jameee orange_006

Styling Notes:

Corset: My Precious – Precious Empress Floral Top (no longer available)

Skirt: My Precious – Precious Empress (Chinese) Gown (no longer available)

Sleeves: Lybra – Dark Matriarch Sleeve Recolored

Sleeve Part 2: My Precious – Queen Glory Sleeve Recolored (no longer available)

Collar: Rosal – UNMEI Neck Corset recolored (on the marketplace)

Hair: Emo-Tions – Envy Hair in Swedishblonde w/hairbase

Broach: Lazuri – Eva Luxury Earring

Earrings: Caroline’s Jewelry – Gold Leaf Earrings

Ring #1: Lazuri – Lasya Ring

Ring #2: Lazuri – Esme Ring

Makeup: Beautifully Grotesque – Queen Amidala makeup (on the marketplace)

Makeup: Kyoot – Catseye Eyeshadow – fever 1 (no longer available)

Nails: {MUA} – Xmas 1 for SLINK Hands

Shoes: LivGlam – Abel Ultra High Heels for Slink High Feet

Challenge 2 – Folklore Couture

Our first MVW 2015 Runway challenge was today and the theme was Folklore inspired Fall/Winter Couture. I love the fall color palate this year, with the beautiful greens, reds, oranges, tans and caramels. They made it easy to get inspired. I immediately thought of Swedish style short dresses with ruffles and pinafores with floral embroidery and metal grommets. So that was what I set off to find. I found the dress first and knew right away it was what I wanted with a few little tweeks. I added a feather collar from My Precious I had in my inventory along with some lace up, old-world style boots I found on the marketplace. Then I found the leggings that were perfect, and added to those some leg harnesses I had from a previous look. Accessories included a hat I modified to fit my feather look and tie it together along with two rings that were just what I was looking for from Finesmith. I love what the final result was, and I hope you all do too!


Styling Notes:

Hair: RunAway Hair – Jade in Blondes with Lelutka Powder Hairbase

Nails: {MUA} – Fall Nails for SLINK – #8

MakeUp : MOCK Cosmetics – Icon Eyeshadow in Red to ORange Fade

Lipstick: A&A – 13 Lips in Orange topped with Glam Affair Cassiopea LipGloss 03

Neckpiece: My Precious by Agnes Finney – Annette Feather Collar

Corset Dress: Lybra - Ysera Corset Dress

Leggings: Q – Baroque Leggings

Leg Harness: Shi – Leg Harness Patent Femme

Boots: ManicQuintessa – Amanda Bootie in Go Black

Rings: Finesmith – Tamar Ring, and Noga ring in Citrin

Hat: Lode – Emerald Hat (edited)

Pose: PosESion – Gold 5

Queen of the Universe!

The season of Miss Virtual World 2015 competition has begun! The first challenge was a photo challenge selected by on of the fans. This one had the theme of “Queen of the Universe”. So I started with this beautiful long, purple cloak which to me screams royalty with the purple color signifying royalty, but also with the pointed shoulders and long, elegant styling fit for a queen. To that I added some metallic, and cyber inspired pieces like the skirt, makeup and boots. Then I found the perfect hair and staff to complete the look. I hope the judges liked my interpretation as well! Thank you to the fan that chose this theme – it was very fun to put together! Hope you liked it too!

Jamee Sandalwood - MVW 2015 Challenge 1

Styling Notes:

Peqe - Secret Cloak in the Night is Dark
N1CO – Studded Bra
{MV} Alternative Fashion – Shadenfreude Skirt in Frozen
Liziaah – Mesmerize Slink High Heels in Black
[sYs] – Axiom Necklace and Bracelets
Alienbear Designs – Mimi Purple Arm Bands
!:Lybra:! – Winter Earrings & Ring
!:Lybra:! - Forren Hair White & Hairbase
Madrid Solo - Show Designs Metropolis Full Set Makeup
Talevin’s Designs – Ornate Blue Staff – on the marketplace
Nails – {ZOZ} Urban Silver Polish in Black for SLINK hands and feet

Maurizia frozen edition limited edition now out!

This week Lybra! released a new and improved version of the popular Maurizia gown with enhanced shine as can be seen in this promotional video: Maurizia Video . This beautiful gown is available this month only in a special Frozen Edition only at the special Designer Showcase shopping event and at the event price of just 100L! So don’t miss out on this beautiful mermaid gown, with flowing skirt, back train, and jeweled bodice.


Styling Notes:

Gown: Lybra – Maurizia Frozen Edition for the Designer Showcase Event through Oct. 28th

Hair: Lelutka – Elizabeth in Powder with Hairbase

Jewelry: Alienbear’s Designs – Mimi Bracelets in Purple and the Natasja Ring in Purple

Pose: PosESioN – Adventure 1 pose

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